About Roberta

Roberta Parsons has been photographing animals since learning to load film in a borrowed camera in middle school. Raised on the Northern California coast in the midst of a couple of thousand chickens, a few stray cats and several dogs, Roberta was never short on subjects. In 2007, while immersed in a career as a graphic artist for a Fortune 500 company, she started taking photos of dogs awaiting adoption in Oregon and Washington. Soon, she was busy photographing animals already lounging in the lap of love and comfort.

Roberta shares her home with two Shiba Inus; Hana (find her on facebook) and the ever reclusive, Mr. Fox.

We welcome the opportunity to work with your four-legged family member in a natural setting, or in the comfort of your home. Whatever the setting, our goal is to capture the true personality of your companions.